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What is this website about? - I'm sure you've been to websites that host images for you, give you information about your computer, shorten website links, prevent spam, etc. Imagine if you could get all of those services at one location! We take all of those single purpose web-tools and combine them into a sleek fast loading interface. We are always expanding our features and making existing features better. If you'd like to see us add a feature we don't have, please contact us and suggest it. We love receiving feedback from our users! Contact us with suggestions or bugs using the "Contact Us" section - Follow us on Twitter: @digitalprowl
2012-02-08 :: 1DL.US Plugged on CyberNet News!
Thanks to CyberNet News for writing an article about our website. You can find the artle here.
2011-11-01 :: 1DL.US Plugged on youtube!
We were plugged on a German show a while back, and we just noticed that the show is available on youtube now. You can find the video here.
2011-10-21 :: 1DL.US 3.0 Launched!
We've updated the site to 3.0! We've changed the styling of the site entirely and moved to a vertical navigation style. Beta invites for the Disposable Phone Numbers service can be requested on that section's upper right corner. We also made the "Contact Us" section more accessible. If you notice any bugs or issues, contact us using the "Contact Us" section. Thanks!
2011-06-26 :: 1DL.US 2.0 Launched!
We've updated the site to 2.0! We've improved almost everything the site has to offer, and added several new features and tweaks. We're especially proud of the My 1DL tab which has come quite a long way. It has finally started to move in the direction we've always wanted. Be sure to check out all the new features such as News, Favorites, etc. It's been quite some time since the last update. You can expect more frequent updates in the future, as we will be doing smaller updates each time. If you notice any bugs or issues, contact us using the "Contact Us" section. Thanks!
2011-01-15 :: Help Tab Totally Rewritten
First of all a few tabs have been renamed. The "Upload Pic" tab has been renamed to "Image Hosting." "Read Email" has been renamed to "Disposable Email," and the "?" has been renamed to "Help." New features have been added to the image hosting section. You can now choose to edit your images after uploading and perform basic functions such as cropping and rotating. We have a few more ideas to add to this section, so expect more on this later. The Google search box on the home page now acts the same as Google Suggestions! (We love you Puff! Pweese come back!) The "Help" tab was totally rewritten as well. Several bugs were squashed and several features were tweaked. If you run across any issues please contact us.
2011-01-09 :: Image Via Email = Awesome
We have now added the ability for you to email an image to us and we will reply with a short code for your image. This can come in handy if you want to quickly share an image with someone but you are stuck on a mobile device, like the iphone, where you cannot upload images directly from the device on the website. Instead, just email the image to and within seconds you will have your short code to that image! Anyone who clicks on that link will now see your image. If you ever forget the email address, it's listed on the "Image Hosting" tab on the website. Click on the "email" hyperlink and these instructions will be in the dialog that opens up. Give it a try and let us know what you think! As always, contact us with any comments or suggestions using the "Contact Us" section!
2011-01-07 :: Major Update To Image Section
Happy day! We have rolled out some much needed changes to our image hosting section! We welcome everyone to go and try it out and let us know what you think! We will be adding much more soon but we were so excited to push out these new features, we wanted to go ahead and release them now for everyone. Here are some of the new features thus far: You can now upload multiple images! The image upload results page has been totally rewritten. The image landing page has been totally rewritten. There are now several links and several different ways to share the image, including a built in email this image option! In addition, there is now a link on the top right of the image landing page that will allow you to download the full image directly if you want. The dialog now displays how many views that image has had, as well as how long ago it was posted. Very soon we will also add how much bandwidth the image has used as well. Anyway, go and play with it and report any bugs you discover to our support team. Look for a lot more changes soon!
2010-12-30 :: Site Slowness SQueLched
The site was having some really weird slow down issues that we think we have finally nixed for good. Part of the solution was a much needed seperation of our SQL server and web server. Last night at midnight we completed the migration over to a seperate SQL server. We weren't counting on any downtime, however, it looked like the site was down for about 10 minutes during this period. Regardless, I have not been able to replicate the slow issues I was having anymore. Hopefully this will be a permanent fix to the very annoying issue. Please keep the suggestions coming as to which services you would like to see added next. Follow us on twitter at: @digitalprowl to keep up with the latest updates.
I know there hasn't been a lot of news lately, but now is a great time to blog about some great news! has its first investor! This gives us the ability to hire additional people to work full time on the site. We plan on having massive changes within the next few months.

In addition, we are aware of the homepage loading slow for some people at certain times. We have figured out what the issue is and will be fixing it soon. Thanks again for all the feedback! We are excited to be growing and can't wait to get the new features out soon!
We have made even more progress on the ability for 1dl users to track their links. You should now see a list of all your 1dl links you've created while logged into the site. In addition, it displays the type, and how many clicks the link has gotten. This is the first step towards extensive tracking for our users. We will be adding a lot of statistics to the My 1dl tab soon. Look to see referrer data, and all sorts of other data coming soon. We are far from being done, but we really wanted to get something up and working. It will look prettier soon and you will be able to search, filter, and sort eventually. Thanks for using the site and we hope you enjoy the progress we've made thus far! As always, let us know if you run into any bugs while using the site by using the "Contact Us" section. - Thanks again to everyone who uses the site as we've almost doubled in page views yet again this month!
There is a popular technology magazine circulated in China which translates to: "Computer Enthusiasts." They did a feature on our website! A fan from China took some pictures with his cell phone of the magazine and emailed them to us! Pretty cool!

We got a lot done with registration. You can now sign in. While you are signed in all your 1DL links, pastebins, images, and chats are being associated with your account. You will eventually be shown extensive tracking data on all of them in the My 1DL tab. If you have not yet registered, now would be a great time to do it. Register your username before someone else does! Please contact us by using the "Contact Us" section if you notice any bugs!
We are finally starting to roll out the registration section of the website! It's almost done. There is a new tab added for the section called My 1dl. Once it's fully rolled out, if you log in to the website you will be able to keep track of all your created links as well as get statistics for each link (such as clicks, referrers, etc.) We are currently allowing you to reserve your name so do it now before someone else takes your username! We plan on completing the roll out next week.
Today we were mentioned by Kim Komando as the "Cool Site Of The Day!" Kim does a weekly three-hour call-in talk radio show and is heard on over 470 stations! Very cool, maybe we were mentioned on the radio!

Fixed an issue preventing VERY large pastebins from uploading properly. Pastebin should also work slightly faster now.
We are very close to releasing the ability to track your links! Keep up with how many people have clicked on your submitted links as well as where the hits are coming from! In addition, you will be able to keep track of which one of your links has had the most number of hits! We'll make a post once it's live. After we roll this feature out, we will then start to release the new features. Our total hits for August 2010 month end were amazing. Thanks for all the feedback and support everyone!
Due to some feedback we were getting, it prompted me to make a few changes to the image results section. This is the dialog window displayed AFTER you upload an image. There are now plaintext, hyperlink, textbox, and bb code options to copy the link into your clipboard. In addition, the hyperlink, if clicked, will now open in a new tab/window instead of loading the image in the dialog box. As always, continue to give us feedback!
We were featured on PCMECH.COM today! Thanks Jason!
The image upload code has totally been redone from scratch. We now support PNG uploads. If you notice any weird issues with your thumbnail images (mainly on images with transparency,) please let us know. Keep in mind, only the thumbnail we show you looks goofy. Your image still looks fine when linked. We are very close to start rolling out our new features. We are very excited about it! We are making a LOT of changes behind the scenes. I assure you, even though the site may not look different on the front end, we are hard at work on the backend which will make it much easier for us to roll out the new features we have planned. For now, if you want to help us promote the site, tell a friend about it! Digg the site, or donate to us! (link on main page)
A lot has changed since the last update. First of all, we caught a huge bug tonight that we somehow never noticed. Everytime someone made a shortened URL, our system was creating a duplicate of it on the backend. We have fixed the issue and removed all duplicate entries. Luckily, no one ever saw the duplicate entries, so they were never in use. In addition, we have totally rewritten pastebin from scratch. We have changed the way that pastebin, the URL shortener, and the private chat shows you information. We now have a nice dialog box that let's you know what your URL is instead of it appearing randomly in the middle of the page. In addition, it keeps you on the tab you were already on. We still have a few things to fix tomorrow in regards to the pastebin (ie - the password field) as well as a few minor changes to the chat section. Then it's on to the next task on our list! If you like the site, be sure to DIGG IT!
Chat tab will no longer reload if you change tabs. Added a dialog box pop up when creating private chats making it much easier to understand the link when you create your own IRC channel. Please go and test it and shoot us an email if you run into anyone who gets confused while trying chat. Started to work on the backend code for users being able to monitor their submissions to 1dl.
100% rewrote the URL shortening from scratch. Rewrote the code that displays the INFO tab. Reorganized the info tab layout. Removed the link to the blog in the info tab and replaced it with a more visible web 2.0 badge. Shot a video on where we want to be going with the site. Will post the video soon.
Today we were featured on ABOUT.COM! Thanks Wendy!
Added "Your Web Browser," "Cookies Enabled," "OS Platform," "Your Screen Resolution," "Your Color Depth Is," Browser Size When Page Loaded," "Your Version Of Flash," "Sites You've Visited In This Tab/Session" information to the info tab. Made some IRC (chat) tweaks.
We recently changed the tab style on the homepage. We are currently working on implementing some features that I am REALLY excited about. We will be posting a video soon which will detail where we are headed and the problems we overcame. In order to really move this site forward, we have decided to write the website from scratch. From the ground up. We plan on having that finished in the next couple of days as well as a few new features. We currently have 3 new featues coming really soon. Two of them I am REALLY excited about. I don't think any other site is even doing it. We really want to thank everyone for all of the awesome feedback we have gotten thus far. As of now, we have around 2 pages of suggestions, feature requests, and optimization ideas to implament. Keep coming back to see what we are up to, and be sure to check out the blog to read about what has been accomplished. Head over to the chat room and talk to us about possibly becoming a beta tester!
We added a WAY better irc web client as well as added a way to send your friends personal chat rooms. Send anyone the link, and you will all soon be chatting in the same room! In addition we increased the temp time for your email from one hour to one day. We also fixed some UTF encoding issues some people were having. We also fixed some weird formatting issues people were getting in Internet Explorer. Made code optimizations as well.
Today we found out that we had some issues with image uploads as well as shorten URL redirects not working. This has since been fixed. We apologize for the inconvience.
Today we fixed some misc. temp email issues, as well as added an IRC server.
Fixed misc. temp email encoding issues as well as increased the body character length.
Today we were featured on Life Hacker! You can read the article here:
Added URL shortener, Temp email, misc. info, paste bin, password meter, and an image uploader.
Started layout of site.